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Top 5 Places for Verrucas

Verrucae and warts are a part of the same family (HPVS) Human Papilloma viruses which can cause different clinical features and also infect different body types. Generally warts and verrucas affect children more than adults. Normally this is associated with school children due to the frequency of exposure to this virus in specific locations such as changing rooms, swimming pools. Where this is the first time a child's body has encountered the pathogen this can be quite serious. An older person may find they contract a verucca if they have taken up a sports activity or if they have younger children in the home who may be prone to the virus and walking barefoot. 

In many cases verrucas are mis-diagnosed, with a Single planter (i.e. the bottom of the foot) mistaken for a corn or a foreign object. Our experience at Harold Hill Foot Clinic is that verrucas are a very common in the younger generation rather than older, and so need to be tackled earlier. Also, they are not easily detected by non-foot health professionals and so it is advisable that the health of the foot is regularly assessed by a trained expert.

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