About Harold Hill Foot Clinic

At Harold Hill Foot Clinic, we take pride in offering a professional, confidential, and private service to each of our clients. Our specialists are fully committed to you and your wellbeing, and offer expert assistance and advice on how to best care for your feet. In the event that your problem requires further treatment that is beyond the services we offer, we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

The Importance of Your Feet

Although most people take care of their body, many pay little attention to their feet and forget that they are responsible for carrying them every day. There is little doubt that regular feet maintenance will preserve their health, supporting your general wellbeing along with theirs. When we walk, we actually apply one-and-a-half times our own body weight on our feet, and this increases when walking briskly, running, or jumping. At Harold Hill Foot Clinic, we aim to make your feet healthy, comfortable, and less painful to use. To achieve this, we use the very latest equipment.

Meet Our Team


Kevin Rowe is the owner and our Foot Health Professional (FHP)  trained in both theoretical and practical aspects of foot care. This enables him to give the best possible care for the many conditions that affect the feet and lower-limb areas. When our FHP provides routine foot care maintenance, his 15 years of experience helps them to identify and proactively recognise emerging conditions associated with today's lifestyle.

Kevin will use that experience to assess and diagnose your feet's health during your visit and relay to you the best possible preventative care advice to yield the best results and counter any possible condition. Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us; healthy feet are a vital part of that and our core business is to see you happy with the foot care services we can provide.

Penny Rowe - Practice Manager
Penny Rowe is the owner and the Practice Manager at Harold Hill Foot Clinic. Penny has a background in the Banking industry with experience across business and personal finance/accounts management, debt management, insurance and customer service. Today, Penny is responsible for the day-to-day management of the clinic and will be your first and most frequent point of contact.

Her role stretches from appointment management to supplier and product handling, including the attendance of conferences and regular training. She is also responsible for the strategic marketing of the clinic. Feel free to contact Penny at any time with any of your queries.

Painful Feet?

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